Indigo Butterfly

this needs to happen


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are you hurting me purposely? how much more are you going to break me? you’ve pushed me away completely, i understand that you need space, i don’t know why but i accept that you do. but don’t you understand? don’t you understand that i need you? can’t we sort something out? one hug a day. one smile a day. something. why are you hurting me this much why are you hurting me to this level. i never would have hurt you this bad, ever. you hate me. i hate myself. 


Today is two weeks since the break up. I am doing so much better than I thought I would be. All of my friends have been so supportive, and wonderful I didn’t realise I has so many people that cared about me. I also think I have feelings for someone else now…

I just don’t know if its to soon……


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